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Similar to Carousel Ads, explained above, Slideshow Ads segment your ad into individual images that users view one after another. The difference between these two ad formats is that Slideshow Ads only play images (not videos), and the ad compiles these images into a slideshow that plays automatically in the form of a video. According to Facebook, Carousel Ads are ideal for:
Diego Davila will teach you how to dominate both Facebook & Instagram through this tutorial, which will help you scale up your business. In this super long and comprehensive 11 hour training, you will learn a lot of things including – laser sharp targeting your ads to people who matter, learning how to use facebook pixel and retargeting effectively, how to use facebook live to connect with your audience and also how to increase your facebook likes & popularity. Most importantly, this tutorial also includes a section on creating powerful Instagram ads so you get double the benefit from one course. One look at the reviews and you will know this course is worth your time.
My account with the name of Kelcey LaRoy Owens was blocked for 7 days for a picture that did not contain nudity. And then also I have been prompted to verify my identity Buy uploading a picture of my ID, when I have already done this 3 to 4 months ago. I am unable to log into my account and I want to know why as soon as possible. I need to get back into my account.

It's valuable. Since the image was taken on a beautiful day, it looks like an ideal place to be -- especially to those of us viewing it from our office desks. It also clearly tells you the cost of the ticket so you know before you click. (This is also good for the advertiser: By including the price, the ad allows users to self-select based on whether they can afford the ticket. If they can't afford it, they won't click through, thus saving the advertiser money on unqualified clicks.) Facebook Instagram KPIs Spreadsheet Template
i got a message and copy it and pasted it chat and i ask what it was everyone said hack so now i’m blocked on all message and chats i play a game war commander my chat is RAW 79 CHAT so this hack me copy it and pasted it when threw all my facebook friends and here i set can talk to any of my members or family and friends on facebook i guess i was dum for copy and pasted and i made chat in game for group can you please unblock me its about being disable vet me ty fb
If you’re selling jewelry or in this case engagement rings, carousel ads work well. Most women have different tastes and carousel ads allow you to show different styles and colors to appeal to a wider audience. I’ve personally seen this ad in my newsfeed, about every single day. After seeing it for what felt like the 100th time over the course of a year, I finally browsed the website to send my partner a picture of an engagement ring style I’d really like so this is a great example of one of those Facebook ads that work. While I don’t know what the actual frequency of this specific ad is, sometimes not capping a frequency can result in a potential customer moving through the funnel. When it comes to the ad copy, it’s simple asking customers to shop trends. But truth is, for this type of product the audience is more focused on the pictures they’re viewing rather than the copy they’re reading. Engagement rings are made for visual platforms deemphasizing the importance of flashy copy. This could be a successful Facebook ad as there’s some engagement on it with over 200 likes and 13 comments. Plus, I know from seeing this ad all year that they’ve experimented with different pictures so it’s definitely not their only ad. Noticeably, they always stick to carousel ads. If a professional marketer clicks an ad, it’s a good sign that it’s a great Facebook ads example.
granted – i like everyone else -uses facebook as a socal networking site to chat with friends -and like me maany tend to vent – but try not to be to vulgar nor offencive -anyways -about two weeks ago -your /my facebook personal site started to develop the inability to share wich later progressed to not seeing comments nor being able to comment-this then progressed to not being able to add freinds and to message freinds -then the latest thing to go was the abiity to “like ” frindes posts – now all i can do is down load news articles and videos off and post to my own wall and other friends public walls -ive left several messages then the ablity to report a problem started to no longer work . anyways i dont know what to make of it it seems like a virus or hack is in operation as its slowing the company comuters also -occasionally ill get posts like “oops weve iencountered a problem please try again ‘ or ill get a listing saying a post is blank after ive written several paragraphs when i try to post it shows the computers reading it as a blank post with no comment -seems on add freinds and messagews and share they either have blackish band lines behind buttons i cant click on like message or add freinds -or the word below a post is a darkened ‘share ” field – and when you clck a blue comemnt below a post nothing pops up no commenrtts below and no fields to add and then the like blue field area you click on it then it disapears then shows a grey unlike then a message pops up “oops there was a problem were trying to fix it ” -anyways ive used facebook since 2012 i think and iv never had this situation or issue before . i cant get any send outs for help or report a problem so im contacting you corporately -if its a softwhere problem please fix it on yor end thanks -if i was blocked or disabled for any reason please email me of why this happened -as i dont recall even having a slight arguement with anyone leading me to believe ive done anythig socially unacceptably wrong . criminal or illegal. anyways either let me know why i was blocked or shut down or disabled -or please fix the problem thank you . by the way a personal pge i set up that took almost two years of hard work -thats designed to help homeless jobless people recover will be deleted if i have to start a new facebook profile . id rather not but -it is what it is -the facebook guide for homeless jobless street people is called “wasteland sydicate ltd ” my personal page is attached to it . so by blocking free access to how to generate legal income daily on the streets without a job boss or paycheck all you do is hurt others who need help and cause there children to go hungry -ive exported alot of this information off this page to third world countrys in poverty -ones who suffer wars -ones who suffer natural disaster – and in this page i give educational photo examples of survival skills illistrated and in practice a my own work and proven systems so if im to be blocked and have to shut it down – it will just hurt many other people when i have to ditch the page- so your call kailin – i try to screen my freinds for like mindeds so i dont have disputes or arguements and if i have differences i try to work them out instead of trashing freindships – so your call facebook am i in or out ????????
With the Ads Manager app for iOS and Android, you can keep an eye on your campaign while you’re on the go, and still access most of the functionalities of Ads Manager. Wherever you are, you’ll have the power to create and edit ads, track their performance, and manage ad budgets and schedules. Convenient push notifications keep you informed on the go. How do I track UTM in Google Analytics?
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Someone has been reporting pictures on my profile for nudity, but they are not. This has been going on for 4 or more days.. is there a way you could find out who it is and block them from my page.. I really need help. Its driving me insane. In 11 minutes they reported 13 photos in one day and thats not even half the pictures they have.reported.. please help me I dont even have to know who it is but please block them from my profile.
Text on the image: If you’re careful not to cross Facebook’s rule against text-heavy ad images, this can work to your advantage. Advertising legend David Ogilvy commissioned research that discovered people typically look at the image first, even before scanning the headline. Using text on an image could help to make more people notice your message.

I recently have been receiving calls from a Jeff Bowen saying he is from Face Book can is the developer relations for Face Book. He swears that I have won $50,000 and all I have to do is send them i.e. Face Book, Community financial assistance. All I have to do is send them $850.00 delivery fee or then he will say it is for taxes and they will have the money in my checking account within 7 hours. IS THIS A SCAM? BECAUSE IT SURE FEELS LIKE IT
Doing facebook advertising is one thing, doing it the right way another. More often than not people miss out on sales, are unable to generate revenues and don’t happen to scale up their businesses because of the wrong advertising strategies. The wrong methods can leave you behind, the right methods can take you places. To help agencies help their clients, to help entrepreneurs drive more sales, to enable freelancers to generate more income, we have found and listed the Best Facebook Advertising Courses and Training. More than just being the best, the USP of these best facebook ads course is that they are far more affordable than other alternatives. We wish you happy learning and present the super list of these awesome courses! Facebook Ads Website Conversions Campaign Tutorial 2017 - Facebook Conversions Ads Tutorial
We were scammed the lotto that we won 120,000 told to contact agent Roy Lee Mcmahan that he worked with Mark. Went on for 3 weeks they first went thru IRS the thru customs. Still no package each time added more to the package. Next thing went to Africa because we said we could not pay no more and they would not bring money after many promises. They got 19k from us and still wanted more. We are retired. Roy claimed to be a partner of Marks and was always making promises. So guess we learned a big lesson. Don’t buy the LOTTO on Facebook it is a scam. Please check into this. For the month of feburary.
How much should you pay for Facebook advertising? Is Facebook’s automatic or manual bidding better? How to set up your ad budgets in the Ads Manager? We’re going to answer all these questions in this chapter. Did we mention that you’ll also learn about other technical aspects such as ad delivery optimization? – If you want to get great Facebook campaign results, you’ll need to know how to use it. How to connect Facebook ads to my spreadsheet
***NOTE*** With this old split test technique, there is AUDIENCE OVERLAP when creating your split tests. Which means that the same audience may see both ads. Which isn't a bad thing, but note you are bidding against yourself which may increase the cost of ad spend. I suggest you start using the split test option discussed in Lecture #16: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Facebook Ads by Coursenvy

U face book page is being blocked y you because my ex oufriend said I lied to our grinds on facebook about him. He told you that all of his friends ate only his and he is lying and now I’m blocked. Can you please unblock me. I’ve gotten messages from my fronds that I can’t see because you guys put a block on me! You should get both sides of the story before you believe one over the other. Thanks! So unblock me please!!!
Short and sweet: Unlike the text in the Intercom ad above that runs beyond the limits of the space, the copy in Adobe’s ad totals just 13 words. And while we applaud their brevity, there’s one missed opportunity that we can’t overlook — the “Learn More” call to action. Something like “Try For Free” or “See More Images” might have lead to more engagement. How to use Dynamic Facebook URL Parameters to tag your campaigns
The “Interests” section is a great way to uncover industry and competitor information. You can add general interests or the names of specific Pages. However, be warned that not every Page will be available to analyze if they do not have a substantial number of likes. In the example below, I’m choosing to analyze women in the United States between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in yoga and the apparel company Lululemon Athletica.
Great product and service. Need your help. Violence against women is a huge problem in the U.S.A. I am the author of Positive Self Defense for Women. My book focuses on positive and proactive measures for women. We should talk about how we could work together and grow the positive press by being proactive in the community and press. Every 2 minutes a person is raped in the U.S. and the number of women that are assaulted is far greater. Let’s work together and help thousands of women and family. I am also a speaker presently doing a two part series I am speaking at Montgomery College. I need a sponsor to reach as many women as possible. My goal is reach 100000 will you help me .
Facebook is not removing libelous post that are resulting in Violent physical attacks on individuals no matter how many times I report them. I know they don’t care when people are attacked or even murdered but they could do the right thing and start removing these post that are causing this. Facebook, just include censoring these post which are calls to violence along with the censoring of conservative and right-wing post that you are already doing. The victims of these attacks include liberals but more importantly there are valued human beings. Automating Your Facebook Welcome Message and Responses with ManyChat
CTA and motivation match: Why would anybody click on your call-to-action? What will they get by doing so? Your call-to-actions should match with the prospect’s motivation and expectations. GetResponse’s ad doesn’t say “Learn More” because people may not be interested in simply learning more. They might want to test the product and see it work for themselves.
What exactly is the Facebook Pixel? Well, way back in the day (2015) advertisers had to install multiple pixel codes on their website to track different conversion metrics. Each new landing page for each new promotion required a new pixel—a sustainable practice in small doses, but pretty cumbersome the bigger and more complex your ad strategy got. Enter Facebook Pixel.
In the media section you’ll decide on the image that you want to use in your ad. The recommended size for this image is 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels. (Though this would depend on your ad placements) The image MUST contain LESS THAN 20% text! (If you plan on using text in your image, Facebook has a very cool tool that will help you work around the 20% text overlay rule) How To Create A Facebook AD 2019 - From Start To Finish
You don't need to make thousands and thousands of landing pages. You need to find the top performers you already have and focus your efforts there. How can you improve their performance? Cut the fat, stop wasting time on the low performers – in fact, just get rid of them. If you have just one great landing page, it's smarter to focus your efforts there.

The changes you are making to Facebook are horrible! One of dozens of examples is the way you can now look at and go through photos! It’s terrible! Many Facebook users and I have discussed this in emails! You have to now click on an arrow and wait for each photo to slowly load instead of going through them at the flip of your finger or thumb! You can no longer expand them in any way to see faces or details! This new process has taken 10 steps back in technology! Also I could not log on this morning because of too many friends request! Who the XXXXX do you think you are to tell me who I do and do not know!!!! I am a touring high profile drummer who has played or worked with some of the biggest names in the industry! I meet thousands of fans who tell me to add them to my Facebook and when I get a chance I do exactly that! Many of those that have not added me are family and many I get friends request from will not let me add them after I get a request from them saying they already have too many friends! Whose liberal socialist idea was it in your company to block anyone! I think I will start an investigation and see if the ones you block have a political view that differs from you! How to Find and Recover Deleted Facebook Messages
Carousel ads tend to work really great for fashion online retailers. Storets created an ad to show off a collection of pink colored apparel. If you divide your apparel by color, you can create a retargeting ad for people who browse by color and create a collection based off that color. When it comes to ads, you don’t need to show off a specific outfit. You can create ads based on color, theme such as nautical or material such as lace. The carousel ads work well in this case, especially if you’ve really narrowed in on your target, as it allows them to view a few products that might suit their style. Notice how vibrant the first image is. It’s done intentionally to attract a person’s eyes to the ad and get them to stop scrolling down. You’ll also notice that they too used emojis in the copy and even included a hashtag that you can view or use to post your own pictures. Shopify Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking - Set-Up Facebook Pixel on Shopify Website
I still have legal proof on my laptop computer under my PDF file of the hacker of unknown identity with his 3rd grade miss spelling. The unknown hacker tried to break m & my wife up online by trying to change r words around on but your unknown identity hacker staff member had failed mr.zuckerburg ur pissing off a lot of people with your FB BS already. Mr.zuckerburg you think you can get away with murder & claim that your innocent. How To Create Facebook Cover Videos Using Premiere Pro CC
Like Custom Audiences, lookalike audiences are best utilized in conjunction with layered targeting. Adding layered targeting to lookalike audiences is specifically an effective way to control audience size—say, if your worried your lookalike is unqualified, or too large for your budget. Facebook also gives you the option to manually increase audience size on a sliding scale from 1 to 10...
I have been harassed by someone reporting pictures that are normal pictures such as a picture of my cat. The picture are rarely removed. They only do it to bug me and they have done the same to my friends. I have removed people from my friends list, blocked people, and made my profile as private as possible. I would like to know who this person is because also got ahold of my phone number and my home address. I want to file charges. Can you please let me know who keeps reporting my pictures?
how did you get them to reactivate your account? Because ive got a similar problem but they havent even reached out to me. My account got disabled because it was not verified but I didnt even get an email or notification on how to verify it when i installed facebook. Also ive sent multiple forms to them about my problem but received no help so please get back to me
If you have no knowledge about Instagram marketing but want to get started then this certification will help you with that. Commence by building a powerful and professional profile on the platform. Along the duration of the classes, you will learn to develop strong relationships with your followers and use the proven marketing skills and follower funnel technique to convert followers to paying customers. Additionally, this program keeps you updated with the new features and helps you to incorporate them to grow your account and business. You may also want to have a look at our compilation of Instagram Course.
In ADCs, performance can usually be improved using dither. This is a very small amount of random noise (e.g. white noise), which is added to the input before conversion. Its effect is to randomize the state of the LSB based on the signal. Rather than the signal simply getting cut off altogether at low levels, it extends the effective range of signals that the ADC can convert, at the expense of a slight increase in noise. Note that dither can only increase the resolution of a sampler. It cannot improve the linearity, and thus accuracy does not necessarily improve.
Let’s use one of my favorite Italian restaurant in Ekkamai, called La Tana. The marketing goal for this restaurant was to increase patronage during lunchtime (between 11-2pm). FB ads are perfect for restaurants. Because, let’s face it, everyone on Facebook likes to eat. When targeting your audience, you want to focus on your ideal or current customer(s). how To disable notification on google chrome browser
FB will not communicate directly with you. They don’t have an email you can reach someone at. Yes they have a phone number but they don’t answer it. They are worse to deal with than unknown hackers as FB basically says “Hi I’m FB… and F… Y….” and there is nothing you can do about it. This is the “Hall Mark” of a small minded group of people who have no desire to provide actual service you can consistently depend on. There focus is to put there hands as deeply into the pockets of as many people as possible with no regard for the people or businesses they damage along the way. When push comes to shove there only success can be measured with a $ sign. Thoughtless vindictive self serving greedy people. You think “Trump” is bad? These people could give “Hitler” lessons in being evil. Bottom line someone at FB will read this and laugh… it will probably never even get posted.

Free extra: The promise made in the Facebook ad’s headline says, “Free Paris Box with your Thailand Box!” If you were unsure about ordering the subscription before, now you’re almost convinced you’re getting a great bargain. When the online store 2BigFeet introduced free shipping for orders over $100, their conversions went up 50%. Free extras can be the right nudge to help people make the final decision to purchase the product.
If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written on retargeting ads, you’ll know how effective they are for converting the sale. I regularly browse Royal Albert’s website and this was a retargeting ad I got after looking at their products. What I love about this side bar ad is that it incentives the purchase by offering a freebie with ‘Buy 3, Get 1 Free.’ The copy below that shows that they likely understand their audience as they say ‘Be the perfect host with Royal Albert Dinnerware.’ It makes it apparent that their customers buy their products to host nice events. And for the record, I have hosted tea parties at my house and so even without having much data on me, Royal Albert pretty much nailed it with this Facebook ad. Facebook Lead Ads: A Complete Tutorial

Buna seara am primit aXXXX o zi maxim doua un emali preXXXX ca facebook premiaza anumiti oameni ,printre care ma numar si eu ,este adevarat acest lucru XXXX ca as fi castigat 150.000 de dolari pentru ca mi-au spus daca doresc sa ridic acesti bani sa imi fac un card ATM am primit si un cod de referinta de atributie un numar de fisier ,chestia este ca as dori sa stiu daca e pe bune sau e pacalela ca sa am idee XXXX as putea intra in posesia banilor va rog respectuos sa imi trimteti un emali cu toate datele necesare pentru a primi acesti bani adresa mea de email este [email protected] Va multumesc si astept cat mai repede un mesaj de la voi.Cu respect Andrei from romania.

All of these restaurants are in addition to the main cafeteria style eatery in the middle of campus, which I got to eat at. This was certainly not your standard high school cafeteria though. It had a juice bar (the kale/pineapple juice was fantastic!), salad bar, a hot food bar, sandwich bar, and an Indian food bar. Everything looked delicious, but I opted for the hot food bar, where I got some rice, vegetables, tofu, baked beans, and bread. It was delicious and apparently, they have different options pretty much every day. One of our guides said that in the first year of working, all employees gain the “Facebook fifteen” and it’s easy to see why. If I worked at Facebook, I feel like I’d just be eating all day. It’s free, so why not?
Blocked accounts are just one of many grievances Facebook’s legion of users have voiced to the F.T.C., the agency responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws. Aggrieved, annoyed and occasionally misguided, Facebook users lodge more than a thousand complaints annually about everything from alleged privacy violations, technical glitches and billing problems with their advertising.
I admin several lost and found pet groups on facebook. I have been blocked from group activity at least 4 times in the past, including today and until Nov 4. I was told via automated message that my activity violates FB community standards and that something I am doing is excessive and others may find it offensive. Well, I am performing a community service and FB’s actions seem harsh. You offer me the option to appeal but also state that a block cannot be lifted for any reason. I have also visited the pages suggested above and there is no way to post to those pages with my concerns. I also called the phone number for headquarters which indicates that facebook does not offer phone support and suggested I visit your “Help” page. Again, I cannot get any resolution nor voice my concerns to anyone who may be able to assist. I simply get the usual “automated reply” which is of no help. If Facebook truly wants to make the social media experience better then people need a platform by which to actually voice their concerns and know that someone is listening.
Text Overlay. ClassPass has taken the opportunity to highlight their catchy tagline by pasting it over their ad’s image, front and center. With the right graphic design, this can be an effective strategy. But don’t add too much text. Use Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool to make sure the proportion of text to image aligns with their guidelines, or else your ad may be served to fewer people.
In May 2019, Facebook founded Libra Networks, reportedly in order to develop their own stablecoin cryptocurrency.[155] In recent developments it has been reported that Libra is being supported by financial companies like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Uber. The consortium of companies is expected to pool in $10 million each to fund the launch of the cryptocurrency coin named Libra.[156]
Like Canvas ads, Facebook lead ads are a mobile-only solution, and they were created so advertisers could forgo sending prospects to cumbersome mobile landing pages. Lead forms are great for accruing names and job titles, phone numbers, addresses, demographics—pretty much any information that can be used to market or remarket your products. And because your lead form opens right within the Facebook app, your prospects need not head to your website to provide that information. How To Live Stream On Facebook - Facebook Tutorial
Facebook Live video is, not surprisingly, video broadcast live on Facebook. It can be a great way to interact with followers, or give them a behind-the-scenes look at your company, your product, or the personalities behind your brand. It’s also a great format to share announcements in real time, like this announcement of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience tour. How Much Should You Spend on Facebook Ads in 2019?
The Photos application allows users to upload albums and photos.[243] Each album can contain 200 photos.[244] Privacy settings apply to individual albums. Users can "tag", or label, friends in a photo. The friend receives a notification about the tag with a link to the photo.[245] This photo tagging feature was developed by Aaron Sittig, now a Design Strategy Lead at Facebook, and former Facebook engineer Scott Marlette back in 2006 and was only granted a patent in 2011.[246][247]
Why does this happen? Often, it's because the total volume of conversions you're measuring against are low to start with. If you're looking at 50, 100 or even 200 conversions across your entire test, small changes can seem more impactful than they really are. A couple of conversions might mean a 4% conversion increase if there are only 50 conversions total, because your sample size really isn't big enough to start with. 17 Influencer Marketplaces for Brands and Creators on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch
On March 25 th 2016, I was informed by Cambria Levy that I had won a prize of $500,000.00 from a lottery random draw. I was given a choice of payment, I choose by check. Cambria then said I had to pay $300.00 Federal Express because when you when a prize you’re responsible for how you receive your winnings. I asked her if this was real? She said so I need this info. and sent me numbers to write down. I’m supposed to send money for shipment via Western Union. I told her I don’t have three hundred dollars due to I’m on disability. I was also contacted by phone (615) 260-XXXXX. I was talking to that person who has a foreign accent that I could not understand? My Question is this legitimate?? Or do I need to contact FBI? 12 best FB cover photos
(FB), “916 Food of Different Colors” food group blocked me. This food group’s members unlawfully cook food from their homes, advertise their food from that website, and then sell that food to the public without licenses, or proper permits or pay taxes, insurance, etc. You notified me and blocked me without a valid reason. M posts did not violate FB’s community requirements/standards.

It’s hard to believe it right??? Facebook celebrates its first decade anniversary. That means 10-years ago, I, Mark Zuckerberg and my pals were in our Harvard dorm rooms making history, launching what would become the largest social network of all time, now rolling in billions of dollars via commercials, with company worth of over a hundred billion dollars
I have searched the Facebook website and found nothing concerning the alleged lottery. However, the Internet search provides sufficient validation that this is a scam. I will proceed with the scam investigation from my end until I receive confirmation that the alleged person does exist and is an authorized employee and representative of Facebook and that Facebook does indeed have a lottery award to a random individual every two years. Please forward your confirmation information to [email protected] I will forward a copy of the suspect’s photo ID upon your request.
My husband let someone have his facebook password. They changed his password without his permission. He wants it reset but his email address is no longer active and he has reported it to facebook three times without a response. His old email is *********** and his password was d*******. He got a new email address which is *********** will you please reset his password and send it to his new email address so he can get back into his facebook. Someone has changed things on his facebook without his permission. Thank you.
Despite the attention regulators pay to privacy, consumers voiced only occasional concern about it in their complaints. Relatively few people mentioned the topic, and those that did focused largely on obscure issues. Privacy groups generally explain the disconnect by saying that most people fail to realize that extent of online tracking. If people knew, they’d complain a lot louder, the groups say.
Fincher has made some very good films, but never has he made a truly great one. They never emotionally connect, and I blame this on his style. The film is beautifully shot, but it is the way it is shot that I had the most problem with. It is too clean, too composed. It is style versus emotion, and style wins out. It is quite obvious he started his career as a commercial and music video director in this film. This is certainly not always a bad thing, but on this film, which needs us to connect with at least one of the characters, the lack of emotion keeps me from really loving this film.
Here is the information on how you will send the fee of US$650.00 and upon the confirmation of this payment I will email you the tracking number, that you will use to track your package online. Below is payment information to our agent in United State of America who will deliver your package to you contains your ATM CARD valued at US$500,000.00 with the other paper work that back up this fund for security purpose.
It almost goes without saying that entertainment networks like A&E typically have much larger budgets for ad creative. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply these techniques when it comes to your own seasonal and holiday ad campaigns. Is there another angle your campaigns can take during popular holidays? Are there other ways to focus on the unique selling proposition of your business while using appropriately seasonal messaging?
The headquarters of Facebook campus tour sounds pretty epic so far, right? And I’ve saved the absolute best part of it until now… the FOOD! Oh my god, the food! There are multiple restaurants on campus and the majority of them are completely free to both employees and visitors. During my Facebook Headquarters tour, I saw a Mexican restaurant, a burger shack, a barbecue restaurant, a salad bar restaurant, and more!

I regretted using facebook’ because i have an account named (Mansur mbm zuma ) I’m using it since but last time i was trying to change my phone number but it goes very wrong. I removed the old phone number but the new number do not enter. And now my Facebook don’t have any phone number and email address. I don’t have any access to my account and i don’t know ho to get it back please Facebook members your assist is needed please i need my Facebook back and my friends here is my contact address email ([email protected]) phone number is +2348034733473 thanks all Should you invest in Facebook stock?
(FB), “916 Food of Different Colors” food group blocked me. This food group’s members unlawfully cook food from their homes, advertise their food from that website, and then sell that food to the public without licenses, or proper permits or pay taxes, insurance, etc. You notified me and blocked me without a valid reason. I posted my opinion (s) using community requirements/standards. Watch Facebook's stock trade in real time 

Facebook offers two categories so you can better customize the fields on your Page. For the purpose of this introduction, let’s say we’re a “Business or Brand.” We’ll create a Page for a (completely fictitious) company called Boston Coat Company and categorize it as a Retail Company. (To choose a category, simply start typing and choose from the drop-down list.)
If you’re selling jewelry or in this case engagement rings, carousel ads work well. Most women have different tastes and carousel ads allow you to show different styles and colors to appeal to a wider audience. I’ve personally seen this ad in my newsfeed, about every single day. After seeing it for what felt like the 100th time over the course of a year, I finally browsed the website to send my partner a picture of an engagement ring style I’d really like so this is a great example of one of those Facebook ads that work. While I don’t know what the actual frequency of this specific ad is, sometimes not capping a frequency can result in a potential customer moving through the funnel. When it comes to the ad copy, it’s simple asking customers to shop trends. But truth is, for this type of product the audience is more focused on the pictures they’re viewing rather than the copy they’re reading. Engagement rings are made for visual platforms deemphasizing the importance of flashy copy. This could be a successful Facebook ad as there’s some engagement on it with over 200 likes and 13 comments. Plus, I know from seeing this ad all year that they’ve experimented with different pictures so it’s definitely not their only ad. Noticeably, they always stick to carousel ads. If a professional marketer clicks an ad, it’s a good sign that it’s a great Facebook ads example.
Data is read from these log files using Ptail, an internally built tool to aggregate data from multiple Scribe stores. It tails the log files and pulls data out. Ptail data are separated into three streams and sent to clusters in different data centers (Plugin impression, News feed impressions, Actions (plugin + news feed)). Puma is used to manage periods of high data flow (Input/Output or IO). Data is processed in batches to lessen the number of times needed to read and write under high demand periods (A hot article generates many impressions and news feed impressions that cause huge data skews). Batches are taken every 1.5 seconds, limited by memory used when creating a hash table.[218]
The exact same thing happened to me. I was locked out because someone hacked my account. I sent a copy of my photo ID and every day I get an email that includes a link to unlock the account, and the link is broken. I received 4 emails (the 4th came this morning) and the links don’t work. Two come from Jordan Skyler and two emails came from Apple Thomas. I use Facebook for business, and for the past 5 days, I cannot and it’s now affecting my bottom line. PLEASE HELP!

Throughout the film, the narrative is intercut with scenes from depositions taken in the Winklevoss twins' and Saverin's respective lawsuits against Zuckerberg and Facebook. The Winklevoss twins claim that Zuckerberg stole their idea, while Saverin claims his shares of Facebook were unfairly diluted when the company was incorporated. At the end, Marylin Delpy, a junior lawyer for the defense, informs Zuckerberg that they will settle with Saverin, since the sordid details of Facebook's founding and Zuckerberg's own callous attitude will make him highly unsympathetic to a jury. After everyone leaves, Zuckerberg is shown sending a friend request to Albright on Facebook and then refreshing the webpage every few seconds as he waits for her response. No sign of her response is shown.
A ramp-compare ADC produces a saw-tooth signal that ramps up or down then quickly returns to zero. When the ramp starts, a timer starts counting. When the ramp voltage matches the input, a comparator fires, and the timer's value is recorded. Timed ramp converters require the fewest transistors. The ramp time is sensitive to temperature because the circuit generating the ramp is often a simple oscillator. There are two solutions: use a clocked counter driving a DAC and then use the comparator to preserve the counter's value, or calibrate the timed ramp. A special advantage of the ramp-compare system is that comparing a second signal just requires another comparator, and another register to store the voltage value. A very simple (nonlinear) ramp converter can be implemented with a microcontroller and one resistor and capacitor.[13] Vice versa, a filled capacitor can be taken from an integrator, time-to-amplitude converter, phase detector, sample and hold circuit, or peak and hold circuit and discharged. This has the advantage that a slow comparator cannot be disturbed by fast input changes. How to Recruit on Facebook Easily and FREE of Charge