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Billy Gene is a globally renowned digital marketing influencer, educator and trainer in the world and has so far revolutionized the campaigns of thousands of marketers! In this 18 lesson long comprehensive program on Creativelive, he will share some of his secrets about how to craft ads, process of creating ad copy, capturing leads, the sales planning process and a lot more. He will also teach you how to upsell, how to retarget visitors and give a sneak peak into the sales bridge. The class also comes with a Marketing Workbook as bonus material, and will offer an in depth understanding of different kinds of ad formats. Very well suited for those wanting to learn in a bootcamp / workshop format while taking a class online.
$5-10 dollar a day is a feasible budget for most small or local business such a La Tana to get their feet wet in FB advertising. After you have gotten the right converting ad formula down, feel free to increase your budget an extra $5-10 dollars a day. Of course, the higher the budget, the greater your reach. I recently worked on a Facebook ad project for a supplement company. Their budget was  a whopping $100 per day(estimated daily reach of 8,000-21,000 people). Facebook App Install Ads [Step by Step] How To Get More App Downloads

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It's valuable. Since the image was taken on a beautiful day, it looks like an ideal place to be -- especially to those of us viewing it from our office desks. It also clearly tells you the cost of the ticket so you know before you click. (This is also good for the advertiser: By including the price, the ad allows users to self-select based on whether they can afford the ticket. If they can't afford it, they won't click through, thus saving the advertiser money on unqualified clicks.) How To Analyze Facebook Advertising Data. Learn What Facebook Ad Manager Data Means & How To Scale
Choose videos that effectively demonstrate the value of your product or service. Videos should be fun and keep users entertained while clearly showing the versatility of the product. A striking landscape and background add texture to an otherwise basic product video. Try to incorporate mixed carousels that allow viewers to browse through your product list.
Not everyone has access to a contact at Facebook, so we felt obliged to share these best practices for Facebook Ads. Give these tips a whirl and let us know how your campaigns perform! And, while you're at it, download our free social media ad budget calculator. It'll save you precious time budgeting your social media ad expenses on Facebook and beyond!
Across all of the high-performing landing pages, we saw massively creative and differentiated offers. Companies often have a default offer, their go-to, which may be the same or very similar to what all of their competitors are doing. Lawyers, for example, will offer a free consultation. Software companies will offer a free trial. They're unimaginative and not very creative.
Once you’ve started to build up your following, you may want to consider adding a Facebook Group to your marketing plan. With more than one billion people using Facebook Groups every month, it’s an audience too large to ignore. Think of Groups as the online equivalent of the office water cooler or your favorite coffee shop. They are a place for people to get together and share information and ideas with like-minded users in an online community environment. 5 Simple Ways to Improve AdWords Click-Through Rate - Improve Google Ads CTR for Search Campaigns